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A Baby stroller is very high on the shopping list of every expecting parent. It is an undeniable necessity that can make traveling easy for the baby, the mom or anyone carrying the baby. But there are millions of options for baby strollers in the market. It is easy to get confused about which to pick for your baby.

Combi Catalyst Stroller Review aims to make that job easier for you with a popular pick among moms who travel a lot.


The Combi Catalyst Baby Travel system is well-known for its three-in-one modular design that allows you to customize your travels with your baby. The product itself weighs only about 34 pounds and carry up to 50 pounds of weight, which means your baby can stroll around in it up to 3 years of age, give or take. The stroller is quite large, having the dimensions 38.5 inches by 22.5 inches by 40 inches, to accommodate your baby and all its necessities without any problem.

Combi Catalyst Stroller Review Feature

The bassinet is customized for the comfort of the baby. It can be turned to a flat position to allow your toddler to sleep in it. It can also be reversed according to need. It comes with a travel system adapter as well as a telescoping handle so that you can maneuver the rides with no strain. It is also compatible with some car seats!


The Combi stroller is known to be one of the best travel systems for babies because of its functionality, price, convenience and versatility. The size and straps allow babies of up to 50 pounds to fit in easily. The design and make is sturdy and well-made, which means it can ride on any sort of terrain, whether it is a bumpy road, grass surface, or rocky paths. It can travel smoothly on long hikes as well.

The stroller is made with high quality parts that allow swift steering and swiveling. In fact, it is so convenient to handle that you can move it with just one hand. Besides, it can aid you in baby travels starting from your new-born sleeping in a bassinet to your grown up toddler traveling in a seat. So, this stroller can be a life-saver for you if you have more than one baby in the house.

The handle of this stroller has an adjustment option like that of a telescope. This means that you can be as short as 5 feet and your husband can be as tall as 5 feet, and, yet, you can both control the handle with ease. The bassinet can also be adjusted to position it backward, that is, enable your baby to face you. This can allow you to keep an eye on your baby when you are out on a walk.

The stroller also comes with a universal adapter for attaching it as a car seat for the baby. It is easy to snap into place and includes straps that go over it. Your baby could be sleeping on the stroller and you could still easily carry the seat on to the car without disturbing the baby. So, the baby can enjoy car rides and you can run errands along with it too.

It comes with a strong harness to secure your baby in place and has a storage compartment underneath to carry any food, snacks, bottles etc. that the baby may need. The best part about the stroller is probably its replacement options and customer service. If you have a single issue with the product, you can quickly inform the manufacturer and they will replace the parts or the entire stroller as needed.


⦁ Reasonable price

⦁ High quality product

⦁ High weight capacity

⦁ Lightweight to carry

⦁ Smooth steering and wheels

⦁ Adjustable handle

⦁ Universal car seat adapter

⦁ Storage compartments

⦁ Great warranty options


⦁ Too large and heavy

⦁ Dysfunctional Bassinet

⦁ Flimsy parts

⦁ Lacking trays and holders

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Why not’s

Despite its popularity, many users have complained about this stroller having a bad design. Some say that the stroller isn’t consumer friendly; some others say that it just feels old. The stroller is too heavy for many parents, making it harder to carry around. It is also too large to fit in some spaces.

Although the bassinet of his stroller has one of the key appealing features, it is quite difficult to adjust. The buckle that positions the bassinet to a regular seat can be very tight, requiring a lot of effort to convert as needed. Besides the buckle, the bassinet seems disproportionate to many users as the seat could not be positioned straight.

The upper portion of the bassinet is larger than the bottom, which makes it uncomfortable for the baby as it grows taller. The bassinet is also inherently slanted. The straps on it, do not seem to stay in place and is bothersome to the babies.

Combi Catalyst Stroller Review Side

There have been some complaints about the car seat as well. The adapter does not seem to work all the time. The strap on it is not as secure and can be potentially dangerous. It does not come with any cup holder or a tray for food either.

The plastic parts of this stroller can be quite flimsy. The parts came bent for some users and could not be put together in place. On top of that, users found it quite confusing to install. The wheels are also not well-made, causing it to come off at times. Overall, the stroller is not long lasting. And replacing it can be a hassle.

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Final Takeaway

The Combi Catalyst Stroller Review provides all the information you need to know. It has great value for its money with exceptional functionality, smooth travels, the convenience of use and comfort for the baby. In spite of some of its drawbacks, this stroller offers exactly what every new parent needs for easy, safe and fun rides with your baby.

It is important to consider your budget, your required accessories, the terrain or environment you’ll be traveling on, the size and weight of your stroller and more while making the purchase. And this Combi Stroller excels in all those considerations. So, if you’re looking to invest in a baby travel system that is versatile and convenient, look no further!

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