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There is no denying the usefulness of a baby stroller. A spot for all your baby’s stuff and a convenient travel system for your baby on the go? What can be more suitable for baby trips! You can go walking, shopping, or just about anywhere with your baby comfy and enjoying the ride. And this is where the Graco Breaze Review answers everything.

But choosing a stroller for your baby can be quite challenging. There are stroller models worth hundreds of dollars that aren’t even that great whilst there are also inexpensive ones that provide great value. Finding the right one can, thus, be frustrating. You don’t want to spend a bunch of money on a stroller that isn’t even comfortable for your baby.

In this Graco Breaze Review, we make this ordeal easy for you with the best all-in-one affordable baby stroller pick, which is the Graco Breaze Lightweight Stroller.

Graco Breaze Review Side

Graco Breaze Click Connect Lightweight Baby Stroller

The Graco’s easy-folding umbrella stroller comes in three different styles. This is one of the best strollers for newborn babies as it has a well-designed infant car seat that can hold a child up to 50 pounds in weight, which means you can get years of usage out of it. It comes with a large canopy for protection from the sun and adjustable features for the comfort or your baby.


  • This stroller sports the dimensions 2.5 x 20 x 40 inches, and comes in 3 different color styles – Piazza, Lake Green and Pierce.
  • It is easy to fold using just one hand, making it easy to carry your baby around in.
  • It contains a one-step installation system for your infant car seat, which is also compatible and safe.
  • It can hold babies up to 50 pounds heavy and still feel lightweight, making it easily portable.
  • The seat can be reclined to different positions to accommodate the baby for utmost comfort.
  • It has a huge canopy as an umbrella that has UV 50 protection, visor with pop-out features that provides shade and calf support that can be adjustable according to need.
  • The front swivel wheels can be locked with suspension according to need, especially when you fold it.
  • It comes with extra storage compartments in the form of baskets, cup holders and easy to access storage pockets.


This ultra-convenient baby stroller is made with some of the best quality materials owing to Graco’s commitment to comfort, quality and safety. It’s all-in-one features allow you to stroll your baby around near or far for years and years without any wear or tear. In fact, it is so comfortable for the baby that you can even use it as a resting spot for it at home.

This stroller may be large but it is still lightweight and incredibly easy to carry around. Many parents use it as a carry-on luggage for all their baby essentials during flights. Its compact features also allow you to convert the stroller into a basket with a handle and carry it with just one hand easily. You can simply fold as well as assemble the stroller without any help. You can store it in any tight spaces or compartments as well. So, you don’t have to worry about it taking up space in your car trunk.

It is quite convenient to open and close. All you have to do is pop the wheels on the front and back and you’re ready to roll! This stroller also offers safety for your baby with a harness that can be adjusted between 3 to 5 points to accommodate your baby as it grows older. The seat can be adjusted to any position to make it comfortable for the baby. The seat can be reclined to the point where it is flat so that the baby can easily sleep in it, even in the car.

Graco Breaze Review Wheel

The wheels on this stroller are sturdy and large, making it easy to swivel on any kind of surface or terrain. Your baby can expect a smooth ride owing to its easy to brake, stable functionality and maneuverable features. You can even lock the wheels in place in case you want to make any stops on your trips.

The stroller also comes with one of the best umbrellas with UV 50 protection to keep your baby safe from the elements. Its canopy is large and tall allows airflow within the coverage. The pop-out visor can be extended to protect your baby from sunrays even in the afternoon.

The stroller comes with a secure car seat for babies and toddlers that can easily be connected or latched on to the car. You can customize this travel system with the adjustable attachment. It is easy to secure and compact even in its full size. Besides that, it comes with storage compartments underneath for an organizer to store all your essentials to give you easier access. Not to mention, the stroller is really stylish and a look that you can sport at any time.

  • Large and lightweight.
  • High quality material.
  • Easy to assemble and collapse.
  • Adjustable harness for safety.
  • Sturdy and smooth wheels.
  • Large and protective canopy.
  • Storage compartments.
  • Easy to use as a car seat.
  • Reasonably priced.
  •  Stylish looking.
  • Heavy in weight.
  • Recliner and wheels getting jammed.
  • Shaky rides.
  • Not very compact.

Why not’s

Like every great thing, this one has some drawbacks as well. Many users, although initially loved the product, faced a few issues after a few uses. Some users complained that the stroller is not quite lightweight and compact. It is sometimes hard to maneuver.

With a few uses, the car seat of the stroller fails to lock easily or evenly onto the surface. The reclining option also gets stuck due to the latch becoming jammed. This makes it hard to close and open the stroller, making it difficult to operate. It can take a lot of strength to pull the stroller to collapse it. Due to this folding issue, many users refrain from using it for transport on a regular basis.

The wheels of the stroller also face jamming issues due to which it cannot be turned easily with time. A few users have experienced shakiness when strolling around with a baby despite trying to switch the back wheels. This makes rides uncomfortable for babies. Moreover, the footrest is not up to the mark. Overall, the stroller is reportedly not as durable at times.

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Final Verdict

It can be overwhelming to look for the best stroller for your baby. It is important to determine what kind of use you will be getting out of the stroller, how often will you use it, where will you take it out, what kinds of things will you be caring in it with you, what is your budget and so many more things to consider when making the purchase. All of these considerations should help you to narrow down your choices.

If you’re looking for an affordable stroller that is comfortable for you and your baby, then this Graco Breaze Review was meant for you. Because the Graco’s travel system offers all the features that you need on a trip with your baby. So, grab one of these right away before you start exploring with your little one! 

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