Mountain Buggy Bagrider Review: Worth all the hype?

If you and your spouse have just become parents, you definitely require a break from the hum and drum of your normal hectic life. But here comes the problem; how are you supposed to do all your packing as well as carry your children’s favorite toys in an efficient manner? Isn’t it difficult to juggle all these pieces of luggage as well as bringing along the stroller bag your little ones require? Worry no more, because the Mountain Buggy Bagrider Review has come to your rescue! With its easy and versatile system, the Mountain Buggy Bagrider will not only fulfill all your needs as parents, but it will also keep your little children happy and calm.

Now, we will delve into a further discussion about the Mountain Buggy Bagrider. We will help you determine whether it lives up to its name and fulfills all your challenges and requirements head-on.

Mountain Buggy Bagrider Review

Gone are the days of walking through an airport and carrying your children either in your arms or walking them beside your luggage stroller (and crying because they are too tired from all the walking). With the Mountain Buggy Bagrider, you can combine these two problems into one simple and flexible mechanism and ensure a joyous journey.

The Mountain Buggy Bagrider weighs around 5 kilograms and it is suitable for children with ages ranging from 9 months to 3 years.

Now, let’s discuss its specification in further details

Who should use the Mountain Buggy Bagrider?

• People with small children that they usually carry in a stroller bag
• People looking for luggage with expansive space to carry their necessities
• People who look forward to ending the hassle of carrying both their child and their luggage separately in both hands

Now, let’s discuss its features in further detail!

Mountain Buggy Bagrider Review Overview


A brief description of the Mountain Buggy Bagrider would be that it is the combination of a child’s stroller bag and a luggage stroller- both packed into one. It has a piece of carry-on luggage (meaning you use your hands to push it) with the accommodation to strap a child on top of it with secure belts. It also has stable wheels below to ensure that both your luggage and child is safe from tumbling towards the ground. It can be transformed into a child’s pram in minutes, despite the fact that it doesn’t affect the luggage carrying capacity at all.

If you do not have children or if your children aren’t going on the trip, you have nothing to worry about! In those cases, you can simply extend the handlebar towards you and use it as a normal luggage case.


The Mountain Buggy Bagrider is specially designed with a hard body. It is currently available in the color black. The hard-bodied exterior is eye-catching to both the parents and children as well. It is elegant and unique. The outer body of the Mountain Buggy Bagrider is strong enough to withstand all the bumps and bruises all pieces of luggage endure throughout their commute on trains, planes and other vehicles with minimal to zero damage. Its black exterior is eye-catching and gleaming with a sense of class and elegance, providing you and your family an aristocratic look.

The back of the Mountain Buggy Bagrider has two front wheels that are stable enough to carry your luggage in a smooth glide over any surface. When you use it as a luggage piece, the two wheels are enough. But in case you want to carry your child in the stroller bag as well, it also contains a round button switch mechanism which you can turn in order to release its back wheels. These wheels, along with the front wheels, provide an enormous amount of stability to both your child and luggage. This also provides you with the assurance that the Mountain Buggy Bagrider is safe from tumbling down or any shakiness when you are otherwise occupied with your commute issues!

The size of the Mountain Buggy Bagrider is an important matter to consider too. Though it may seem quite large, it can easily be fit into the overhead compartments available on planes and trains. It can easily be carried through the narrow aisles of various vehicles. All you have to do is turn the round button again to switch the wheels backward so that they go inside the luggage, and you are good to go!

Mountain Buggy Bagrider Review Front


• Can carry children from ages 9 months to 3 years (Depending on from which age the child can sit down by itself)
• The Mountain Buggy Bagrider weighs about 5kg/11bs
• The Mountain Buggy Bagrider can carry up to 15kg/33lbs (including your child)
• Its dimensions are 520mm (h) x 380mm (w) x 260mm (d) (20in x 15in x 10in)

Mountain Buggy Bagrider Review Back


Apart from its long handle to drag along the path you are going, the Mountain Buggy Bagrider can also be carried by being picked up in your hands too! Once again, it has proved that it can flexibly be catered to your every whim when it comes to your luggage.

Coming to its interior, it has a compartment that can be zippered completely to avoid spillage. It also has another compartment covered with straps; thereby ensuring your luggage remains intact. Once you open the mountain buggy suitcase, you will find a cushioned chair for your child. This chair is accommodated by 5 point harnesses as well as adjustable straps, ensuring that your child is snug and comfortable in his little ride. It can hold up to 15 kg/33 lbs. – giving you the guarantee that you can reuse it over and over for a very long time!

  • Waterproof
  • Elegance and uniqueness in design
  • Works both as luggage carrier and stroller
  • Zip covered secure compartments
  • Has 5 point harness to ensure safety
  • Requires added strength to push on carpeted areas
  • One has to lay the luggage on the ground to retrieve his items

Let’s watch a video review of Mountain Buggy Bagrider:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it difficult to carry both luggage and child together?
A: Not at all. It has perfect maneuverability so that you can travel with ease.

Q: Is it hard to set up the child seat?
A: We would recommend trying the set up at home to ensure no troubles on the go.

Mountain Buggy Bagrider Review


We really hope we have established a clear idea of the wonderful features by reading this Mountain Buggy Bagrider Review. It can easily be claimed as the best stroller travel bag, as it accommodates both your luggage and stroller needs in a neat fashion. Say goodbye to the stress of carrying heavy children and heavy luggage with your one-stop solution- Mountain Buggy Bagrider!

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