Parents Stroller Organizer Bag Review

Going out with your baby can be an entirely tedious and messy ordeal. You cannot just up and leave with the baby in your arms. The baby needs a stroller to be carried in, extra clothes in case of spilling or burping accidents, extra diapers in case of potty accidents, baby food for on-the-go meals and bottles in case the baby gets cranky, and so much more.

You can’t stuff it all in your handbag, and even if you do, rummaging through the bag to find the pacifier while your baby is screaming its lungs out is not a scene anybody wants to be a part of. What you need is a good travel bag with organized segments and pockets to help you in getting what you need right on time.

Lucky for you, Ozziko’s Stroller Bags are the handiest items for mommies on the run. In this Parents Stroller Organizer Bag Review, we will find out the what’s, how’s, why’s, and why not’s of this best reviewed stroller travel bag.

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Parents Stroller Organizer Bag

Ozziko’s stroller travel bag has been reviewed as one of the best stroller luggage by hundreds of moms who have sworn by the convenience of using this. This travel bag can be strapped to your baby stroller, carried on like a backpack or even as a carry-on luggage. It has enough room to store all your baby’s necessities and still have room for some of your own. We will find out more in this Parents Stroller Organizer Bag Review.


This stroller bag is a multifunctional item that comes with tons of features at an incredibly reasonable price. Some of the key features include:

  • Universal Design: The bag has been designed in such a way that it is compatible with all kinds of strollers.  
  • Spacious: This bag is 18 inches wide, 13 inches long with 7.5 inches on the sides. It is simply the ideal size for an organizer bag. 
  • Useful straps: Its traps are adjustable with a velcro used for closing. It can be easily installed and used according to convenience. The strap can be used to attach to a stroller, as shoulder straps to use as a backpack or as a handle for use as a carry on.   
  • Insulated Cooling: This bag can also act as a cooler because of its insulated system that allows you to keep baby snacks cold as necessary.  
  • Quality Warranty: This bag is not only made with the best quality fabrics and material for durable and comfortable use, but it also comes with a 60 day warranty that allows you to replace or refund the bag in case of any breach of quality.  
  • Miscellaneous: Besides these amazing features, this bag also contains cup holders, large storage pockets, back mesh pockets, a keychain hook and a cute design. All of that and it weighs just a little over one pound!
Parents Stroller Organizer Bag Review Size


Ozziko’s stroller bag is a stylish and functional add-on for modern parents, making it the perfect baby travel bag. It is made with oxford fabrics of high quality, sturdy zippers that are long lasting and is well constructed for ease of use. The bag fabric is thick enough to last through years of wear and tear.

This bag is a five out of five on storage capacity. It is big enough to fit the baby’s bottles, snacks, drinks, clothes, toys, diapers and just about everything. To make it even more comfortable to fit your needs, the bag comes with multiple storage pockets, cup or bottle holders, and mesh pockets in the back for storage of valuables – all in the perfect size to carry everything easily. This bag is high end, spacious enough to store all kinds of baby essentials and still lightweight enough that your arm won’t hurt from carrying it.

But you don’t even have to carry it with your hands if you don’t want to because this bag has a multi-functional design that allows you to adjust how you want to carry the bag. You can detach the straps to turn it into a shoulder bag, strap it to the back to use as a backpack, or even attach it to its sides for a top carry handle. The transition is easy to pull off as well. So, you can carry it, wear it or sport it anywhere you want to go!

Parents Stroller Organizer Bag Review Specifications

Besides that, this bag is attachable to any stroller model. Its universal design allows it to fit just about every stroller out there. In fact, some of the users even attach this bag to their wheelchair as an accessory for carrying essentials! So, no matter what model of baby stroller you have, you can rest assured that your bag will seamlessly adjust to your stroller.
This versatile bag also comes with a cooling system inside to keep food or drinks cold. The insulated interior with leak proof lid allows you to keep food at whatever temperature it is at without the outside weather ruining it. The base, body and the lid of the bag are all insulated for this purpose. You can even keep ice frozen in the bag during outings for several hours!

If you weren’t already convinced, its cute design of grey fabric with white stars should definitely do it. Its color and pattern make it great for both a girl and a boy. This bag is known to be a useful and special present for newborn baby parents. So, it can be a very thoughtful gift for baby showers, birthdays, holidays or just a tender gift for any loved new parents.


  • Adjustable straps with multiple uses.
  • Great Storage capacity.
  • High quality fabric, strap and zipper. 
  • Compatible with every stroller.
  • Insulated cooling on the inside. 
  • Multiple pockets and holders. 
  • Cute and Stylish Looking.


  • Weak Velcro. 
  • Poorly stitched strap.  
  • Too big in size. 
  • Not as durable. 

Why Not’s

While more than ninety percent of the users of this bag has raved about how great it is, some of the buyers have had a few complaints regarding the usability of it. Having a large storage space should be a plus point, but a few customers have complained that the bag is too large to carry around.

It has many pockets on the outside, but not as many on the inside, which can be inconvenient for some people. And the cup holder on the outside is not big enough to fit a bottle bigger than 30 ounces, and, even then, it takes up most of the bag.

There were complaints about the strap and the Velcro not being strong enough. The Velcro sometimes failed to hold the weight of the bag. The strap stitching can be of poor quality and rip off with extended use. So, the durability of the bag may be questionable.

Final Verdict

A baby travel bag might not seem like a necessity. But once you get one of these, you’ll be surprised at how easily you can get around with your baby no matter how long or far your visits are. On top of that, it is important to have a good travel bag, one that works well for all your needs. Otherwise, you’ll struggle just as much.

A really good stroller bag can make your life so much easier! And here you read a full Parents Stroller Organizer Bag Review. Ozziko’s organizer bag is a sleek looking one that is a must have for every new parent, as an addition to your baby’s stroller and as a baby luggage!

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